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Over the years, BG CompuCare in Bowling Green, KY has helped numerous individuals and businesses with their computer maintenance and repair needs. When you need excellent computer solutions, know that we are here to assist. Learn more about our company and quality of the services we offer by reading our satisfied clients’ testimonials.

By Mike R.

Alvaton, KY

 BG CompuCare has been very helpful where other companies and individuals have failed. As if that isn't enough, Scott came to me, instead of me having to unhook and drag my system to him! WOW! I would strongly suggest that anyone that is having computer or wireless networking problems contact BG CompuCare ASAP and see for themselves how knowledgeable and reasonably priced they are


By T. Harden

Bowling Green, KY

 I recently purchased a new laptop computer from Scott Hughes of BG CompuCare. Since I'm retired and not up on all the new technology, I appreciated him taking the extra time to help me with all my computer needs. The fact that he came to my house to pick up old computer and hook up new up was a big plus for me. He did an excellent job downloading all my old info into the new one and making sure everything was hooked up correctly. He also gave me some advice on how to improve my wireless signal throughout my home (none of which he charged extra). He was very knowledgeable and helpful.


By Rachel C.

Bowling Green, KY

 I recently became a single mom when my wifi went out. I called TWC to come out and set up a new wifi. During this process, my connection to the Internet on my computer went down. TWC said my computer was the problem. I knew it wasn't. I felt very lost, alone, and was basically crying and praying for help when BG CompuCare came into my head. I knew it was from God. I had friended them on FB through his wife Cindy several months ago. I stopped crying and started researching contact information to connect with Scott. Once I contacted him, he called the next day and came out to assess the situation. Once he had purchased the equipment needed, he came back and fixed my internet issue on my computer and wifi for my whole house, calling TWC and talking with them so it was set up right. He even found me a cheaper phone service keeping my same phone number! I was so happy, relieved, and all of it was at a reasonable cost. As I told him, it was the best money I've spent in a while! I am very thankful for BG CompuCare and would recommend them for any and all issues regarding your computer, Internet, and technical needs! He has even offered to teach me how to use the computer in the future at a reasonable cost as well, which I will take advantage of!!


By Marsha J.

Cave City, KY

 I have been having a problem with my computer for some time, but could not find anyone that would come to my house to work on it--I have laptop and desktop computers. A friend of mine posted a company that would not only come to your house (which good luck finding that kind of service now-a-days) and it did not break the bank account when he was done. He also fixed my computer in a timely manner; he was very professional, very dependable. He even called to let me know he was going to be a few minutes late due to traffic jam on I-65. I will definitely be recommending BG CompuCare to all my friends.


By Robin K.

Bowling Green, KY

 I really appreciate the "revamping" of my home wireless network that you did for me! I could have never done it myself! I appreciate your expertise...you knew exactly what I needed to get things up and running. Please rest assured that I will contact you when I find the time to streamline my home office; as I know I could use your help with this seemingly overwhelming task.


By Renee M.

Bowling Green, KY

 Thank you so much for helping me! When my laptop crashed and died I was so afraid that I lost everything. Then your lovely wife told me you could help and help you did! You saved everything on my hard drive, of which I thought was gone forever. I cannot say how grateful I am for your help in my time of crisis,

you are the best!


By H&A (Local Business)

Bowling Green, KY

 Thank you for the antivirus you sold and installed for me today. It is great!! I will recommend you to everyone, your service is impeccable and your rates are very reasonable.